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5 Kids Cooking Games That Provide Lots of Family Fun

5 Kids Cooking Games That Provide Lots of Family Fun

Alex, Soph and I love creating kids cooking games! Sometimes we can get really silly and come up with some weird concoctions, and other times we’re amazed with what we create! So, we’re not just a family cooking together, we’re having lots of fun as we cook! And you can have fun too! Check out these five games and try one soon!

Game #1: Decorate-go-round!

Have some fun decorating cupcakes! Sort of like an lavagame  assembly line, one person ices the cupcake, the next person adds a decoration, the next person adds a second decoration, and so forth, until everyone has helped decorate the cupcake! As you get going, you’ll find that the final cupcakes are unique and they look great! Of course each person will want to sample a cupcake or two. The rest can be sent home with the participants, or take the cupcakes to a nearby nursing home, women’s shelter, etc. (ask permission in advance).

Game #2: Guess What You’re Eating!

This game always creates a lot of fun and giggles! On your party invitations, request that each kid brings a food item (enough for all the kids) in a brown paper bag. While the kids are busy with a word search or some other pencil and paper game, prepare bite size servings of each food item. Next, blindfold the kids. Give each child the first food sample to taste. Once everyone has tasted the food, they can take their blindfolds off and write down what they think the food is. Continue to do this until they have tasted all of the samples. One rule–no one is allowed to talk! Giggling, gagging or mmmm-ing is allowed! For older kids, have them try all the samples and then remove their blindfolds and write down as many foods as they can remember.

Game #3: Chopped: The At-Home Edition!

If another round of Monopoly on family game night has lost its sparkle, or if the relatives are coming over for the day, why not try an at-home version of Chopped? Divide into two teams–maybe Mom and Dad against the kids, or Mom and brother against Dad and sister? Each team is given the same three ingredients and must create a tasty meal using just those ingredients within a set amount of time. When time is up, everyone samples both meals and votes on their favorite one. Of course honesty is part of the picture–no fair voting for your own if the other team’s creation is tastier!

Game #4: What Would Happen If…?

Science isn’t just for the classroom! Your kids will love experimenting with kitchen chemistry fun!!! Whether it’s creating a lava cake, rock candy, or deep fried ice cream, it will be a lesson that won’t soon be forgotten. Check out your local library or the internet for some great experiments. Make sure you have all of the necessary ingredients and have fun!!!

Game #5: Family Bake-Off

This game was inspired by Sophia…in an attempt to have her just desserts! Each family member selects a baking recipe and makes the item. Once the baking is done, presentation is just as important–a sprig of mint, drizzled chocolate–you get the picture. Prior to the bake-off choose a family member to be the judge, which of course Sophia was our judge! The judge samples the goodies and determines the winner! Now while things are baking, the judge can be creative and make trophies for everyone! We chose to go with sweets, but savory is another option.

In these economic times, a lot of families are choosing to do more at-home activities and less traveling. We hope we’ve convinced you to try your own family cooking games. With the kids cooking and the whole family having fun along the way, you’re building memories that will last for a long time…memories that will encourage your kids to pass on the tradition of family cooking and fun with their kids in years to come.

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