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Bidding Country Controversy Over the FIFA World Cup Soccer Awards for 2018 and 2022

Bidding Country Controversy Over the FIFA World Cup Soccer Awards for 2018 and 2022

Well, the FIFA is never without at least some controversy, but of course since its membership spans the globe, and that means it involves everyone, nearly all human civilizations that is. A short time ago, I was discussing this issue with an international sports blogger in London England, and he asked me my thoughts on this topic. Specifically he asks me to debate this question:

“Do the US, English and Australian FA’s have legitimate grounds for taking FIFA to court over the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups or are they simply bad losers?”

Well, if the corruption (bribes, kickbacks) charges are correct, okamoto then something has to be done. But the timing sure is bad, no one wants that nation to be upset right now, that could cause problems. Some say it will have trouble in the future with terrorist events, and who knows by 2022 there may be too much radiation to even go there. The terrorists do want to hit a large event, large aircraft (I am assuming from the Intel an A380 will be the target or a fully loaded 747).

One might ask is it worth fighting? And a big court battle will be a problem, as the Muslim gentlemen don’t like being called liars even though they often hold back true and correct information during negotiations. Further kick-backs are standard business in the Arab world, so, expect it whenever you do business with them. If you don’t offer – they will ask. The problem here is the acceptance of those bribes, not the offerer. Dragging it all out in court, thus the media too, will not win friends or influence people and it will throw a wedge in peace between West and Middle East.

Let’s not forget the issues with Sunni and shia – or the problems in Egypt, or how all this is linked to Middle Eastern play for power, fiefdoms – also the Iranian component to all this. The US needs Qatar friendly, they’d be stupid to sue.

With the Russian 2018, I’d let that go and just call it water under the bridge, but the 2022 is a serious issue. Maybe that needs to be re-thought out. That could open a hornets’ nest; still, we need a fair world when it comes to these things. It kind of reminds me of all the Non-sense that goes on behind closed doors at the UN with regards to the IAEA and the Security Council there.

Indeed, lots all chill out and think on this for a bit, consider the ramifications involved and the reality of what it means to all get along in the world. We need to work these things out, and skip the name calling or dragging FIFA members through the mud, even if they are to blame at times. Please consider all this and think on it.

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