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Choosing Between Straight Shaft Or Curved Shaft Weed Eaters

Choosing Between Straight Shaft Or Curved Shaft Weed Eaters

Weed wackers come in all different shapes and sizes. Its important to know the key differences between gas and electric weed eaters, cordless and electric weed wackers with a cord, 2-cycle vs. 4-cycle engines, and straight and curved shafts. Making the right choice before buying a weed wacker will save you time, frustration and even money by researching the differences and making the choice that is right for you and your lawn. In this article we are going to review the differences between straight shaft and curved shaft weed eaters.

Straight shaft weed eaters have historically been the  buy weed uk string trimmer of choice for most lawn care professionals. They are known to take on heavier brush, and thicker weeds better than curved shaft models. There is an argument as to which is more maneuverable but the straight shaft side usually win. The straight shaft weedeater has more reach and usually can except more attachments like blowers, hedge trimmers, etc.. They tend to more expensive. Taller people also tend to enjoy using them since they dont have to do as much bending as with the curved.

Curved shaft weed wackers were designed with comfort in mind. Many users feel that they are easier to maneuver and more comfortable to use. The direction of the spinning lines also varies between straight and curved. Curved shaft models will spin in a better direction as trimmings will get on your feet less as you move. Probably the best benefit of all of the curved shaft is its weight. It simply weighs less making it easier do do long trimming jobs.  And finally shorter people tend to go with the curved shaft models of the straight shaft.

There you have it, the pros and the cons of straight shaft trimmers vs. curved. As I mentioned earlier it is important to learn about each type of weedeater so when you are ready to purchase a new one you know which weed eater is right for you!

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