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Dana 30 Locker

Dana 30 Locker

A Dana 30 locker is a mechanism that replaces the internal side and spider gears on a Dana 30 differential. Side and spider gears are what allow both wheels on the same axle rotate at different speeds such as when turning a corner. A Dana 30 locker will force both tires to rotate at the same speed. This is beneficial for low-traction driving conditions such as off-roading.

There are several different types of Dana 30 lockers locker price in bangladesh available, however their objective is to do the same thing: deliver 100% of the driving torque to both drive wheels on an axle.

Two of the more popular Dana 30 lockers is the Powertrax Lock-Right Locker and the (Eaton) Detroit EZ Locker. Both of these lockers are similar to one another (and I’ve often had customers ask for the Lock-Right because of the lower price). These are automatic, positive-locking differentials. They can be used in demanding off-road situations, but are designed for the recreational off-roader. Because of their “lighter-duty” nature, they will allow your axle to differentiate when in a turn. The internal gears will overrun each other to allow the differentiation.

Some of the benefits include:


  • Fits inside the existing differential case.
  • Easily installed without special tools or setup equipment.
  • Cheap when compared to heavy-duty lockers.


The (Eaton) Detroit Locker is a heavy-duty Dana 30 locker. This is a definite step up in strength and price over the light-duty lockers. The difference is that it’s a complete replacement unit for the differential case with the locking components built inside and isn’t as forgiving with differentiation around corners. Otherwise its automatic, positive-locking functionality is the same.

Some of the benefits include:


  • Strength: made for up to 70,000 lb. capacity.
  • Reliability: it will never let a wheel stop turning.


The Dana 30 ARB Air Locker, Auburn ECTED Locker, Eaton E-locker, and OX Locker are similar in that they too (like the Detroit Locker) are heavy-duty lockers, except they are not automatic. They lock on demand either with the flip of a switch, the push of a button, or the twist of a knob/lever. This provides the driver with the most control in any driving situation. After all the necessary accessories and labor for installation, these are typically the most expensive type of Dana 30 locker.

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