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EFT Practitioner – How to Choose the Right EFT Practitioner For You

You’ve found out about the incredible benefits and miracles you can create in your life through EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and now you’re ready to take things to the next level by working one on one with an EFT Practitioner. How do you find the practitioner who is right for you?

The following are eleven guidelines to help you make certain that you and the practitioner you are considering are a good match for each other.

1. Treat your search like an audition for the right candidate. sagami 安全套

Some clients will bend over backwards trying to say what they think the practitioner wants to hear. This will not serve you. You should be ‘auditioning’ the practitioner as much as s/he is ‘auditioning’ you, so be yourself, and be sure to represent yourself openly and honestly. You’ll be doing both yourself and the practitioner a favor in the long run.

2. Be willing to consider multiple candidates.

Try not to fall into the trap of feeling like you absolutely must be a client of a certain practitioner in order to receive your healing. You’re in a much better position to find the best match if you are open to the possibility of working with the practitioner at the top of your list, but also trusting that Spirit will guide you to the person who is the best match for you at this time.

3. Consider personal recommendations.

Do you know someone who has had great results with her EFT practitioner? Will s/he recommend that practitioner to you? That practitioner may not be your final choice, but is a good person to consider. Also, that practitioner can be a baseline to help you to better understand the differences between various practitioners.

4. Is communication easy?

Can you communicate easily with the practitioner? Do you get a sense right away that s/he understands what you are saying and really hears you? Or do you find that you are saying things over and over but you’re still not sure that the practitioner truly understands you? Good communication with your practitioner is essential. No matter how great or famous a practitioner may be, if you can’t communicate easily your work will be an uphill struggle. Ideally, there should be a feeling of understanding and connection that goes beyond words.

5. Do you feel safe?

Feeling safe with the practitioner is non-negotiable. It is essential. If you don’t have a feeling of safety with the practitioner, trust your gut instinct and move on to the next practitioner on your list. Do not try to reason your doubts away.

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