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Germany Lotto – The Real Way to Pick 6-49

Germany Lotto – The Real Way to Pick 6-49

Germany Lotto has remained literally unchanged since it was first introduced to the country – and that is great news for many of its patrons. This means that there are winning patterns that have already been set, and the only thing to do is for you to discover what those patterns are. And you can begin by knowing the proper way of picking your 6-digit winning number combination from a pool of 49. Likewise, you have to learn how to not pick the most likely losing numbers as well. If you are sporting for several wins in Germany lotto, here are great tips you can use.

1. Study past winning numbers and try to decipher Germany News  which number groups are often not in the pitch. This will give you a pretty good idea as to what number combinations are most likely to appear in the next few games. For example: the winning combination for the last draw was: 12-27-29-33-47-48. As you can see, the group of “ones” (numbers from 1 to 9) does not appear. If you look back further and see that the group of ones rarely shows up in winning combinations, then you can limit your choices to the other groups (10s, 20s, 30s and 40s) instead. Very often, there is a number group that crops up more often than most. This can give you the liberty of choosing numbers from that group more.

2. Try the odd-even combination strategy. According to lotto game experts, about 83% of the winning tickets have a good odd-even combination. This means that there are both odd numbers and even numbers per bet. Needless to say, all odd number combos or all even number combos are practically useless. However, to ensure that your choices have a better chance of acquiring a hit, lotto game experts are recommending a 4 odd – 2 even, or 3 odd – 3 even, or 2 odd – 4 even combos. Make sure though that your number selections are not that chronologically situated to one another. After all, a combination such as 2-4-6-8-3-5 is grouped too close that there are very little chances that these will be declared as the winning pot… in the next 70,000 draws.

3. To make sure that you do not choose numbers that belong to the same number group, it would be best to play for a balanced game. You can do that by adding all 6 numbers in your selection to see if they reach the “ideal” result of 115 to 185. According to lotto game experts, about 70% of all winning tickets are within this ideal sum range. This will help balance out your numerical choices especially if you have too high a number or too low a number. When you do this, try to factor tip #2 as well.

4. Never check the quick pick options again. As far as Germany Lotto is concerned, not one winning combination has been from a quick pick selection. And this lotto has already been running for several decades already. So, instead of arguing the obvious non-benefits of using the quick pick options, try taking control of your number selections instead.

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