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How to Become a Genius – Mental Health For Life

How to Become a Genius – Mental Health For Life

I’m not exaggerating when I say that you can become a genius and I will explain why.

The human being is an animal that inherited a wild conscience, which is demoniacal and occupies the biggest part of his psyche and brain.

If he suffers so much and makes so many idiotic mistakes, this is because he is constantly bothered and dominated by the wild and evil anti-conscience, his primitive and violent conscience that is a true demon.

This is a demon so powerful that it provokes schizophrenia,  how to be a genius psychosis, hysteria, neurosis, suicidal tendencies and all existing mental illnesses to the human side of our conscience.

If you read the descriptions of the neurologists about what happens in the brain of a mentally ill person, you will understand that this demon is really invincible.

However, it can be transformed and become a positive part of the human side of the conscience.

The wise and saintly unconscious mind that produces our dreams sends us infinite messages with directions and warnings, so that we can eliminate the poisonous anti-conscience, without killing it. It has to be tamed and acquire human characteristics.

This way it stops provoking problems to the human side, and is added to the human conscience, giving its power to the human side, which stops being its enemy.

When you eliminate the demon and transform it into a human being, you become a genius.

Your memory becomes excellent: you remember everything with all the details, no matter how long ago it happened or when you learned it. You simply remember everything, because your mind is clear.

You pay attention to all the details of the reality of where you are, and you can easily discover what is false and who is a liar.

However, you never reveal your feelings and personal thoughts to others, because you control your behavior. They cannot penetrate into your thoughts and understand how you are feeling by observing your reactions, because you never show anything. This way you are not manipulated by others, who still are dominated by the anti-conscience and have bad intentions.

The advantages you have are so many, simply because you don’t have an enemy always bothering you and trying to kill your humanity. The fact that you become a genius is only a logical consequence, since all the potential of the demon, all the power of this brain that can easily destroy the human part through craziness, becomes a constructive power, instead of being destructive as when it remains in its primitive condition.

The demon becomes a human being, and the human being becomes a god, like the wise and saintly unconscious mind, that could differentiate itself and develop its conscience completely, becoming perfect.

This is the route. You only have to start caring about your dreams and respect the guidance of the unconscious mind, in order to eliminate the wild and evil anti-conscience and become a genius as you deserve.

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