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How to Send the Perfect ECard for Christmas

How to Send the Perfect ECard for Christmas

This year, you do not have to worry that a friend or a close relative would feel unremembered. By sending Christmas eCards, you could make all the important and not so important people in your life feel special.

eCards are electronic greeting cards which can be sent to any person all over the world who has access to internet. It is cheaper compared to the regular paper greeting cards and more convenient since you do not have to go the store and spend hours in choose a gift. In addition to that, environment advocates has been promoting eCards as a gift for Christmas because it saves thousands of trees and reduce waste pollution.

Sending eCards to a person close to your heart or to someone who you want to make an impression with like a boss or a client, make sure that your eCard looks professionally made and fits the person. The following are step-by-step instructions on how to send the perfect eCard for Christmas.

Step #1 Consider the recipient
Although some eCard services allow you to send one eCard to many people, it is important that the eCard that you choose should match the person’s personality. For example, you cannot send a “Naughty or Nice” Christmas themed card with sexy Santa elves to your favorite aunt who happens to be a nun, right?

Step #2 Purpose of the eCard
Your Christmas eCard tells a lot about you as well as the purpose of why you sent it. It is very important that the purpose of your eCard is very clear. Some companies has been sending Christmas eCards to their customers for advertising, some people send eCards to friends and family as a thoughtful act, and some send an eCard to their boss to make a good impression. Whatever your purpose is, it should be something appropriate with the design that you chose and to the personality of the recipient.

Step #3 Choose your design/Create your own
Most eCard delivery service companies offer templates which you just need to edit and fill in with your personal touches. Choosing your design is a very important step since this would relay half of the message.

A should look professional if you will be sending it to clients, bosses, or any person with authority. If you are sending an eCard to a friend, it could be something fun and exciting.

If the person whom you’ll be sending the eCard is someone who is special to you, why not make it extra special by designing your own eCard? Most eCard companies have help tools to guide you through the process. It just needs a bit of creativity and patience.

Step #4 Write your message
Like a regular greeting card, the part where you’ll write your personal message also makes your eCard different from any other cards. Write a message straight from the heart that tells how you feel towards the person. This will gauge how special the eCard is. However, if you are sending an eCard as a business greeting card to your clients, keep your message warm and professional.

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