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Our “Daily Bread” Should Be More Than Just Daily Bread – So, What Should We Be Eating?

Our “Daily Bread” Should Be More Than Just Daily Bread – So, What Should We Be Eating?

Many of us will know or have heard the prayer “Give us this day our daily bread”. Indeed, we all need daily sustenance at least once or twice but better still, three times a day. Most animals, birds and fish continually intake food. Many spend their entire waking hours foraging and hunting and seeking food. Nocturnal creatures of course spend the hours of darkness in a similar pursuit.

Think of the everyday sight of birds, squirrels and other creatures scurrying, pecking or digging around for food constantly.

Think of us humans. Many seem to spend a majority ODB Devotional  of their time eating and snacking or at least thinking about food. Think of the advertising we see. Probably the second most prevalent advertising theme is food and is in front of us every moment on T.V., radio, the internet, bill-boards, newspaper and magazine ads, bus-side ads and more.

FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! Is that all we ever think about?

Food is necessary, good tasting food is a bonus, but healthy food is a must to continue living healthily as our bodies were designed to be.

Is it possible to have good looking, good tasting and nutritional food all together? Well, of course it is. That is why we have world-renown and not so famous chefs and food preparers writing a plethora of cooking guides and cook books and recipe books for us to see and eventually smell and taste these culinary delights.

The bad news is that many times, the third food criteria, nutritional goodness, is not always met by the delightful sights and smells of what we eat. Are we brave enough to look past the first two and concentrate on the third? Then, are we even more brave to change our diets so that we can have healthy, delight-to-the-eye and tasty food?

The good news is that yes, we can have it all but we must dig into the nutritional value of food before the culinary ‘value’. They are not mutually exclusive!

Balancing the ratios of food nutrients, vitamins and minerals in foods has been greatly simplified with internet tools. I personally use a website called* that I find is a great way to track my daily intake. It allows me to fine-tune the ratios of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins to fit my dietary goals. It also tracks up to six nutrients at once and generates reports from which I can easily see the trends in my eating.

It is imperative to first determine your caloric intake to match your age, weight, required weight changes (if any) and then find the foods that meet those goals. I personally have not changed, to any great degree, what I eat but have altered how much I eat at any one meal and how often I do eat something.

A good rule that has been circulating lately is the ‘rule-of-thirds’ whereby you separate (physically if you want) your plate into thirds and assure that you have one-third for protein, one-third for vegetable (salad) and one-third for carbs. It is the size of plate and size of portion (total calories) that will determine if you lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight.

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