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Silk Flower Arrangements – Why Silk Flower Arrangements Are the Best Choice

Silk Flower Arrangements – Why Silk Flower Arrangements Are the Best Choice

Silk flower arrangements are fast becoming the standard for home decorating. Why? An increasingly broad selection of realistic, beautiful pieces that are designed to last for years is causing more and more people to opt for silk flower arrangements over fresh flowers when decorating their homes.

With incredibly lifelike and realistic flowers, today’s silk floral arrangements are designed to look beautiful from the beginning and to last for many years to come.

Some people though still have pause when it comes to considering investing in silk arrangements because of some stereotypes that silk floral arrangements have gotten over the years, many of these stereotypes are unwarranted and were based on poorer quality silk flower arrangements that were made in years past when manufacturing techniques were not as sophisticated.

There are many advantages of today’s silk arrangements  Flower arrangements near me  when purchasing flowers for home decorating. The advantages of silk floral arrangements include the following:

Realistic: The silks that were made 10 and 20 years ago or more were of very poor quality and bore little if any resemblance to their real counter parts but in the ensuing years artificial flower arranging took a giant leap forward starting in the early 1970s with the use of plastics and high-quality synthetic fibers. As technology and manufacturing techniques improved, these materials enabled manufacturers to create silk flower arrangements with greater botanical accuracy than ever before. Today there is a wide selection available of silk flower arrangements that are extremely realistic.

So much so that reports of gardeners mistake their clients silk flower arrangements for real ones and actually water them! Finding while not always easy, is much easier today because of the internet. Today there are sites that specialize in selling only the highest quality silk floral arrangements at the best prices and often with free shipping.

Low Maintenance: Many people have come to believe that silk arrangements add to their cleaning chores in their home. While this is perhaps true on some level it’s really a misnomer. Silk floral arrangements are far less work than their real counterparts. When you consider that real flowers drop their petals, need their stalks clipped and their vases refilled, not to mention the fact that they will soon die and need to be replaced (thus starting the whole process of maintaining them over again) silk arrangements are far less work.

Few silk arrangements really need to be dusted more than twice a year and often less than that. But here’s a secret that many people don’t know. There are silk floral arrangements that are manufactured today to actually be dust resistant. By coating the flower petals and foliage with a special coating, the small pores that used to collect dust now actually repel it thus rendering these silk arrangements nearly maintenance free. The only thing they need is a quick wipe or blast of air to dislodge anything that is sitting on the surface. No more washing, scrubbing or other cleaning that used to target the deeper pores of the silk flower petals.

Long Lasting: Perhaps the greatest advantage is that today’s silk arrangements is that they are designed to be long-lasting. With UV coatings and increasingly better manufacturing processes your silk floral arrangements will last for many years to come and will maintain their original beauty. The investment you make in them will pay for itself many times over versus buying and replacing fresh flowers.

Silk arrangements are an increasingly common choice for today’s discriminating home decorators. Realistic, low maintenance, dust resistant and long lasting characterize this new breed of gorgeous silk floral arrangements.

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