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Sources of Dairy Calcium – Learn About the Most Healthful Sources of Dairy Calcium

Sources of Dairy Calcium – Learn About the Most Healthful Sources of Dairy Calcium

Milk is by far the most healthful and beneficial source of not only calcium, but many other minerals as well. Other sources of dairy calcium include yoghurt, cream, cheese and ice cream. These sources provide adequate amounts of calcium – even the processed ones.

Consuming milk and other dairy products on a regular basis is  Purie important for developing strong bones and teeth. Sources of dairy calcium also help overcome calcium deficiency in the body and make the immune system stronger and more capable of fighting against degenerative diseases.

Our body also needs calcium to ensure proper blood clotting, proper digestion of food and maximum absorption of other nutrients. Dietary sources are the most effective sources of calcium, especially milk and other dairy products. However, calcium supplements or tablets can also be consumed on a daily basis to fulfill everyday calcium needs.

Sources of dairy calcium also include frozen yoghurt, skim milk, processed cheese, cottage cheese and others. All these sources provide up to 400 mg or more of calcium in 1 serving. You may want to make desserts using milk as an ingredient, or salads using whipped cream. All these are healthy meals and should be added to our everyday diet.

Calcium obtained from milk is readily absorbed by the bloodstream. This is because pure milk also contains certain other enzymes and nutrients which help in the absorption of calcium and provide their own health benefits at the same time. This is why doctors advise drinking at least 1 cup of milk daily. Growing children and teenagers should consume at least 2 cups of milk everyday or alternatively, add a dairy product like yoghurt or ice cream to their diet.

Nowadays, toothpastes and calcium supplements are being made that contain calcium from dairy sources. We cannot be sure about the effectiveness of these products; however, they give a sense of satisfaction and pleasure to be used regularly. Calcium supplements made with coral calcium are gaining widespread popularity these days because of the ability of coral calcium to cure many diseases including depression, PMS, high cholesterol, obesity and kidney stones.

Sources of dairy calcium can be used for making calcium supplements; however, people who are already allergic to milk are unable to use these products. The best way is to utilize a good calcium salt such as calcium carbonate or calcium citrate to obtain adequate amounts of calcium regularly from tablets.

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