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The Maven Matrix Manifesto Revealed, Review and Guide

The Maven Matrix Manifesto Revealed, Review and Guide

The reason for the importance of the Maven Matrix Manifesto

To begin with, Jay Abraham has considerable weight with me, mostly as I’ve been able to get some of his tapes and listen to them. While he deals with this scene of being important in his field – and makes good money through what he does – you have to be able to reject any of what he says and test it against real-world applications: ie. how can you immediately use it, how can you apply it to future projects, how would this have changed what you did in the past. Action is the word to apply.

Next point – I don’t like the title, I don’t like the artwork.  mens blog, mens lifestyle  But the basic data is why I’m writing this.

Now, you have to go beyond the pitch to get to the data. And that’s why I boiled this all down for you and put it up on the web as a series of Slideshares.

When you download their extensive PDF, go to page 35. This is where the real data begins. And it stops at page 68. 33 actual pages of data from 88. Everything else is their using the maven matrix and general sales techniques on you.

I say in my slideshare that every single penny you invest with them is well worth it – providing you actually USE it. And I repeat that mantra several times throughout: you only get out what you put in.

Let’s get into the review:

The Overview

The reason you are studying this is to climb to the top of your niche as the de facto expert and market leader for it. And so then reap the benefits in terms of traffic and subscribers and income.

All this Matrix does, besides some important strategies, is to position you and create a brand out of your persona. That’s the key point. We’re really just buying a new suit to wear – which is going to make you stand out from the crowd. Perfect thing to get attention – which you can then convert to regular subscribers and continuing sales.

What we are going to do is use the working principles of “old school” advertising with new techniques. All the “old” books on advertising principles and copywriting work, just as good as ever. These are just some modern tweaks.

The Eleven Points

There are eleven points to the matrix. Let’s just drop right into these and tear them apart.

1. Gain Your Market’s Trust – do your homework on the niche you are in and find out how it works, what the problems are. Boil this down into a blanket statement – a personal story of how you’ve been there and done that yourself.

You’re telling a story which readers will embrace. People think in stories. Remember that. This is how they figure whether their own life-stories are valuable or not – how to improve it, etc. The more credible story you tell, the more trust you build.

And burn this into the inside of your skull: “All Marketing is Conversation. Conversations Depend on Trust.”

2. Establish Your Maven Persona – develop a distinctive character. People love characters and will follow a poor story line or weak plot to find out how that character deals with that scene. You can find tons of characters in classic fiction and modern films which people want to follow. Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, Lion King, Little Mermaid – you identify with some character trait.

Again, people are working to find out what to do with their lives. They compare their hero/heroine with their own emotional or analytic response. “What would Jesus do?” is a classic approach to this. This is simply how people think – the technical term is “transference.” Those character traits are the ones people actually trust. What’s predictable, what helps them feel secure.

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