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Usage Difference Between Ring Die Pellet Mill and Flat Die Pellet Mill

Usage Difference Between Ring Die Pellet Mill and Flat Die Pellet Mill

What’s the usage difference between flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill? Generally speaking, there are three and they are as follows:

1. The pellet making machine with ring die is indeed a specialist in animal feed, It is characterized by large output, less power consumption, which the flat die pellet machine cannot match. Along with other reasons, the machine’s speed is lower than its production is of course less than ring pellet machine, but due to its pressure, it can highly suppress fine feed.

2. Refined corn meal feed ingredients are usually more  animal feed pellet mill viscous and easier to shape, very little pressure to produce the trip, and for wood chips, straw, meal, discarded tires along with other hard to heat crude fiber to form granulation and municipal solid waste, sewage treatment, animal manure and other organic fertilizer granulation, which require a lot of pressure. Due to its structural constraints, ring pellet mill machines’ pressure is not adjustable, it will suppress these materials beyond the pressure load, which will result in roller bearing wear or broken. While, flat pellet machines’ structure is simple, the pressure is adjustable, and at the same time adapt to different materials.

3. In addition, although the advantages of flat die machine structure is less wear and tear, the yield is small, generally is 300-3000 kg. So if you want to use one of these machines to complete production of 3 tons or more, the best choice is to use ring die pellet machine. But in this situation, the machine is limited to just grain corn stalks, because the corn stalks are easy to press.

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