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When It Comes To Storage, A Private Cloud Security Business Has The Advantage

When It Comes To Storage, A Private Cloud Security Business Has The Advantage

Whether public or private, one thing is certain… cloud storage is here to stay. In fact, studies show that by 2018, 31 percent of all data will be stored in public cloud servers and 69 percent will be in private cloud servers. The cloud has become a regular part of life for all businesses; the only remaining question is whether a private cloud security business makes more sense than a public server.

There are several distinct advantages to using private storage Cloud security over public storage. The primary one being control over your company’s data. With a public server, a company basically leases storage space from a third party provider that they share with a number of other customers. On the other hand, with a private server a company essentially owns and operates its own servers or leases space directly from a dedicated data center.

Another big advantage to a private cloud security business is maintaining control over your own data. With a public server, the third party provider is responsible for security and if they don’t do a thorough job of it, the customer’s data could be at risk. In a private setting, customers retain total control over their own data and will feel more comfortable relying on a skilled and trustworthy IT professional to provide security.

Another major issue is limiting access to data. Obviously, with a public provider, the customer’s data is being stored alongside data from a number of other customers and the more people who have access to that data, the more likely it is for the data to become compromised. This is true even if the public server puts security measures into play because there is simply no way to adequately limit access.

On the other hand, with a private cloud server, access is limited to the customers themselves and you as the direct service provider. As a trained IT professional, you can step in and assure your customers that their data is in good hands and being carefully monitored, which should put them at ease.

Having continual access to data is a critical issue for any company. While both public and private servers promise 24/7 accessibility, they can’t always deliver equally. Public servers tend to have larger storage capacity, but they are also linked to main service providers and should those providers go down for any reason, access to company data could be limited.

Private storage can allow for expansion over several servers but they can be limited by the amount of server space that the company or the private storage business has. Again, though, this is where you can step in and put your IT skills to work, allowing companies the ability to keep their data safe and secure without risking the unknown with a public storage service.

Any way you look at it, having a private cloud security business could be the wave of the future for IT professionals with the right skill set. This is definitely an avenue worth looking into if you want to get yourself set up with an online business. Consider all the possibilities the cloud presents and make sure you’re in the right position to get in on this wave of the future.

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