Saturday, January 29

Why OpenCart Is Ideal For Your Online Ecommerce Business

An eCommerce site can be considered as a play with entertainers playing out it’s Spacelens Blog.

The principle entertainers in an eCommerce site are:

* The Customer – purchases items

* The Website Owner – ships purchased items and gets paid

* The eCommerce Application – interface between every one of the entertainers

* The Payment Gateway – handles installment exchanges (more on this later)

* The Merchant/Business Bank Account – Website proprietor’s business ledger (more on this later)

The fundamental purchasing cycle of an eCommerce site (‘the play’) occurs as follows:

1. Client peruses item index

2. Client adds item to container

3. Client purchases item and enters registration measure

4. Web based business Application contacts a Payment Gateway

5. Installment Gateway gives secure client delivery and installment subtleties section structure

6. Client safely enters delivery and installment data

7. Installment Gateway contacts Website Owners’ Merchant Bank Account

8. Vendor Bank Account measures installment exchange and returns control to Payment Gateway

9. Installment Gateway returns Customer to eCommerce Application

10. Internet business Application advises Customer of fruitful (or fizzled) installment

11. Internet business Application advises Website Owner of procurement

12. Site Owner boats item to Customer

Obviously there’s significantly more detail going on in each progression, yet ideally you get the overall thought that setting up an eCommerce application is a bit more convoluted than your normal blog-style site.

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