Tuesday, October 26

Your DNA of Success

Your DNA of Success

It is estimated that the average Japanese lifespan is over 80 years. That is a long, wasteful time if one falls out from the “think and do” column as soon as a plum job is secured or the wedding vows are exchanged.

Are you living according to others’ rules? Are you walking through life like it’s a dress rehearsal? Have you utterly discarded your dreams of youth in order to conform and get societal approval?

Constant, never-ending improvement is the only means we have to define ourselves. We are uncut stones until we begin to sculpt ourselves through discovery of our hidden and latent talents.

Don’t think you have any distinguishing talents? Then think again. No two people have the identical chemistry.

Do you make people laugh? Do you cook a tasty stew? Do you speak with passion? Are you always curious and willing to learn? Then you have talent!

Are you good at golf? household matters? or winning debates? Are you a person of integrity? Are you good with machines? Then you do have talent(s) that many other people don’t have. Give yourself credit.

I am sure you get the point. Stretching ones mind and effort to the  Salmon DNA limit always – yes always – bears good fruit. The mental and physical holding cells WE have locked ourselves into since youth are not who we are. We can shape our destiny by refusing to be victimized by external circumstances.

Survival mode is not for you and it never should be. Each and every creature on this planet fulfills its evolutionary destiny to the maximum. The flower grows when watered and given proper sunlight and soil. The river and the salmon work the spawning act to perfection, unless man interferes.

You, too, are destined for greatness. Keep your spirits elevated with the soil of effort. Spawn your skills’ inventory by rigorous trial and error. Increase the sunshine on your self-confidence with small yet measurable successes.

Never, ever give up! Adjust? Yes. Reorganize? Most certainly. Take a break? We all need one from time to time. But keep moving in the direction of your dreams. Write a million, tangible goals and eventually you will be a millionaire; that is, unless you surrender to your circumstances and retreat to your comfort zone.

You are the master. Your mind is your slave. Remind it everyday, from time to time, who is in charge. Never again impulsively give into your emotions. Know what you want through careful and serious reflection, and then live your life wholeheartedly with honesty, fortitude and vigor in the present moment.

There is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Turn on your mental lights for guidance and keep going. You deserve only the best and the best is within sight.

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